About us

Hangzhou Qiwei Instrument Co., LTD, is a collection of research, development, production, sales and service as one of the scientific experiment equipment, mechanical and electrical products manufacturer. The main products of the company are: Laboratory Digital PH Meter, Portable Acidity Meter, Conductivity Meter, Electric Mixer, High Speed Dispersion Machine, FJ200-S High Speed Homogenizer, Ultraviolet Analyzer, Whiteness Meter, Turbidimeter, Colony Counter and so on several varieties. Widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research, quality inspection, textile, metallurgy, environmental protection, chemical industry, agriculture, industrial machinery, tap water, electronic electric appliance, pharmaceutical, brewing, and other industries. This enterprise technical force is abundant, has a number of highly qualified scientific research management talents. Mechanical and electronic appliances complete technical type, detection equipment is advanced. The products of the company are sold all across the country.

      The company will be excellent technology, superior quality, superior performance, and improve after-sales service. To the masses of users wholeheartedly provides the service, sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign businessman contact to consult, welcome to visit our factory.

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